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Community Relations

  1. Articulate organizational purpose and advocate publicly for the needs and priorities of students, families, and the community.

  2. Demonstrate the ability to engage the extended community.

  3. Effectively generate and respond to various forms of communication through the use of media

  4. Promote a positive image of schools and the school district

  5. Monitor and address perceptions about school-community issues

  6. Demonstrate the ability to identify and articulate critical community issues which may impact local education

Online Workshop

Staff Messages for Students

  • Problem: Reconnecting with students and families during a lockdown/quarantine

  • Action: Have staff record videos with uplifting messages of care & support. Modeled using a new platform called FlipGrid.

  • Outcome: Weekly uplifting videos during the quarantine.

Lesbian Couple with Son

Student/Parent Landing Page

  • Problem: Ending the endless robocalls and creating a page for students and parents to receive consistent communication & resources.

  • Action: Built webpage using Google Sites.

  • Outcome: Landing page for students and families. Has grown to include registration process, orientation information, program descriptions, and more.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Layers of Protection

  • Problem: Clearly communicate the actions being taken by our school to ensure student safety during a pandemic.

  • Action: Created a Layers of Protection graphic and shared with families.

  • Outcome: Students, Parents, and Staff felt they had a clear understanding of actions being taken to ensure safety.

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