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Policy & Law

  1. Demonstrate an ability to apply state and federal laws, rules, and procedures governing special education finance, budgeting, and accounting

  2. Demonstrate an ability to apply state and federal regulations governing the provision of special education services

Checking Text on a Document


  • Problem: Creating Contingency Learning Plans for each student and educating all case managers on the process & purpose.

  • Action: Put together a step-by-step guide and timeline.

  • Outcome: All students receiving a CLP/IEP meeting within the first 30 days of school.

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CARES Allocation - Hopkins

  • Problem: How to allocate funding received through the CARES Act

  • Action:  Worked with each school to verify participation & use of funds.

  • Outcome: Schools receiving allocated funding with it earmarked for particular items.

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Site & Staff Schedule

  • Problem: Create a schedule that meets the requirements of student service minutes, contact time, and staff contract language.

  • Action: Created a guiding scheduling document to outline a framework for this year and subsequent years.

  • Outcome: Each program devised their own student & staff schedules that equitably met all party's needs.

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