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  1. Demonstrate leadership by collaboratively assessing and improving a professional culture of engagement, ethical and equitable practice, collective efficacy and systems perspective

  2. Demonstrate leadership by the development of an educational mission for the school/district, which provides purpose and direction for individuals and groups

  3. Demonstrate shared leadership and decision-making strategies; Empower and entrust teachers and staff with collective responsibility for meeting the academic, social, behavioral, emotional, and physical needs of each student, pursuant to the mission, vision, and core values of the school

  4. Understand how education is impacted by historical, local, state, national, international events and issues

  5. Through a visioning process, formulate strategic plans and goals with staff and community to promote the academic success and well-being of each student. 

  6. Set priorities in the context of stakeholder needs

  7. Serve as a spokesperson for the welfare of all learners to ensure high expectations and student support; equity, inclusiveness, and social justice; openness, caring, and trust; and continuous improvement.

  8. Understand the dynamics of change and demonstrate the ability to implement change and educational reform

Organizing the Calendar

Workshop Week Calendar

  • Problem: Identifying what takes precedence for staff to perform during workshop week.

  • Action: Met with teams/coaches in advance. Created a 1-stop shop for workshop week.

  • Outcome: Staff could find and navigate an online PD week clearly.

On the Phone

Who To Contact

  • Problem: Additional programs under our supervision. Need to clarify who takes the lead in different areas.

  • Action: Created a "Who To Contact" chart so staff know which leader to go to.

  • Outcome: Clarification of leaderships roles, staff job responsibilities, decrease emails about "who to contact".

Image by Hope House Press - Leather Diar

Coaching Logs

  • Problem: Need to coach new staff.

  • Action: Created a blended coaching structure and weekly 30-min coaching sessions.

  • Outcome: New staff have received 1:1 coaching from leadership, opening up communication.

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