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Values and Ethics

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the role of education in a democratic society

  2. Demonstrate understanding of and model democratic value systems, ethics and moral leadership;

  3. Demonstrate the ability to balance complex community demands in the best interest of learners

  4. Help learners grow and develop as caring, informed citizens

  5. Demonstrate understanding and application of the Minnesota Board of School Administrators Code of Ethics for Administrators

Image by Josh Hild

George Floyd Circle Processing

  • Problem: Staff needing to process the events of George Floyds murder.

  • Action: Scheduled times to hold circles with program teams.

  • Outcome: Staff sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with colleagues.

Female Student

Distance Learning Workgroup Agenda

  • Problem: Closing the digital divide in regards to device access as well as tech skills.

  • Action: Outlined an onboarding process for students to Distance Learning

  • Outcome: Created a platform with a low barrier to entry to engage students in their learning. Created a clear check-in time with students/staff.

Image by Hope House Press - Leather Diar

Coaching Logs

  • Problem: Need to coach new staff.

  • Action: Created a blended coaching structure and weekly 30-min coaching sessions.

  • Outcome: New staff have received 1:1 coaching from leadership, opening up communication.

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