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Safety and Security

  1. Demonstrate the ability to develop and implement policies and procedures for safe and secure educational environments

  2. Demonstrate the means to address emergency and crisis situations

Fire Alarm

Fire Drill & Lockdowns

  • Problem: Applying state-required drills to a unique situation.

  • Action: Organized site Health & Safety team and planned drills.

  • Outcome: Drills occurred within guideline timeframe and feedback was received.

Image by Teodorik Mensl

Sport Court Grant

  • Problem: Need to have a proper space for students to exercise in absence of a gym.

  • Action: Applied for grant with district Health & Safety team.

  • Outcome: Outdoor sport court was constructed in July of 2020.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Layers of Protection

  • Problem: Clearly communicate the actions being taken by our school to ensure student safety during a pandemic.

  • Action: Created a Layers of Protection graphic and shared with families.

  • Outcome: Students, Parents, and Staff felt they had a clear understanding of actions being taken to ensure safety.

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