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Resource/Fiscal Management

  1. Demonstrate an ability to apply state and federal laws, rules, and procedures governing special education finance, budgeting and accounting to school district funding structures

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of special education program development including needs assessment, design, implementation and evaluation

  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the resources available, along with the agencies and organizations that serve students with a disability and their families

Computer with Graph

Working Student Projections

  • Problem: Determine student projections in conjunction with 11 member districts.

  • Action: Created a Google Spreadsheet to input historical student data and projected data.

  • Outcome: A comprehensive spreadsheet that also is broken down by programs per building.

Image by Austin Distel

MA Billing

  • Problem: Address the underbilling of services

  • Action: Move to a model of "informed" consent instead of "actual" consent.

  • Outcome: MA Billing that is in alignment with member districts and does not underbill.

RTI Triangle.jpg

Tiered SPED Programming

  • Problem: Identify level of support that students need.

  • Action: Aligned current programs (by disability) with new programs (by level of support).

  • Outcome: Equitable programming that supports each student with the level of support they need.

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