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Equity and Culturally Responsive Leadership

  1. Ensure that each student is treated fairly, respectfully, and with an understanding of each student’s culture and context.

  2. Recognize, respect, and employ each student’s strengths, diversity, and culture as assets for teaching and learning.

  3. Ensure that each student has equitable access to effective teachers, learning opportunities, academic and social support, and other resources necessary for success.

  4. Ensure policies and practices are in place which prevent problem behavior, encourage positive behavior, and respond to student behavior not aligned with expectations in a positive, fair, and unbiased manner.

  5. Recognize, identify and address individual and institutional biases of student marginalization, deficit-based schooling, and low expectations associated with race, class, poverty culture and language, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability or special status.

  6. Promote the preparation of students to live productively in and contribute to the diverse cultural contexts of a global society.

  7. Address matters of equity and cultural responsiveness in all aspects of leadership.

  8. Ensure policies and practices are in place which address student and staff mental and physical health and trauma

Graduation Car


  • Problem: How to make sure each graduate's voice was heard regardless of their accessibility.

  • Action: Created multiple ways engage with students (drop-ins, home visits, online submissions).

  • Outcome: Successful graduation highlighting almost every student!

Female Student

Device Distribution

  • Problem: Closing the digital divide in regards to device access as well as tech skills.

  • Action: Outlined an onboarding process for students to Distance Learning

  • Outcome: Created a platform with a low barrier to entry to engage students in their learning. Created a clear check-in time with students/staff.

Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P

Block Scheduling

  • Problem: Create a schedule that equitably supports each student.

  • Action: Re-imagined our program schedule and the teaching/delivery model.

  • Outcome: A core understanding of the true purpose of live classroom activities and self-paced classroom activities.

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