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Political Influence and Governance

  1. Exhibit an understanding of school districts as a political system, including governance models

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of involving stakeholders in the development of educational policy

  3. Understand the role and coordination of social agencies and human services to develop productive relationships and engage resources for the school community.

  4. Demonstrate an understanding of processes to align constituencies in support of school and district priorities

On the Phone

Who To Contact

  • Problem: Additional programs under our supervision. Need to clarify who takes the lead in different areas.
  • Action: Created a "Who To Contact" chart so staff know which leader to go to.

  • Outcome: Clarification of leaderships roles, staff job responsibilities, decrease emails about "who to contact".

Image by airfocus


  • Problem: Need for organization of site leadership meetings.

  • Action: Started using a Kanban with Scrum process.

  • Outcome: Easily able to communicate as a leadership team and assign follow-up work.

Checking Text on a Document


  • Problem: Creating Contingency Learning Plans for each student and educating all case managers on the process & purpose.

  • Action: Put together a step-by-step guide and timeline.

  • Outcome: All students receiving a CLP/IEP meeting within the first 30 days of school.

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