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Organizational Management

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of statutory regulations relative to School Districts affecting board meetings, policies, communications, procedures, and practices that affect special education governance

  2. Demonstrate an understanding of special education administrative structures used in Minnesota districts

Image by Marten Bjork

ESY PLanning

  • Problem: Need to create a framework for the ESY program in a virtual environment.

  • Action: Created a Google Classroom & Student Schedule Framework for staff to build within.

  • Outcome: Staff were able to quickly create student schedules, and have clear communication with students/guardians.

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  • Problem: Need for organization of site leadership meetings.

  • Action:  Started using a Kanban with Scrum process.

  • Outcome: Easily able to communicate as a leadership team and assign follow-up work.

On the Phone

Who To Contact

  • Problem: Additional programs under our supervision. Need to clarify who takes the lead in different areas.

  • Action: Created a "Who To Contact" chart so staff know which leader to go to.

  • Outcome: Clarification of leaderships roles, staff job responsibilities, decrease emails about "who to contact".

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