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Post 1: Here I Go!

Welcome! I am excited to start this journey of sharing my experiences with others.

My name is Scott Swanson, as you could likely tell from the aptly named website and blog I've built. I'm a father, husband, maker and educator. I have many curious hobbies and interests that friends and colleagues and family, have often told me I should share with others.

A little background. I am the husband to my wife of six and a half years, Marchall Swanson. She is the light of my life and always keeps me entertained. She pushes me to think critically about myself and my work. I am the father to Madilyn, 4, and Jace, 2. The apple didn't fall far from the tree on these two. They're energetic, curious, emotional, and deeply empathetic.

When I say I'm a maker, I mean I like to tinker, build, and research. I remember the moment when I became a maker. I had graduated from high school, and my dad told me my graduation present would be a computer that we would build together. Back then, it took a fair amount of research to find all of the different components that fit together properly to make a solid computer. Once we had gathered all of the components, he walked me through step by step how to build a computer and what the role is for each component. The curiosity and excitement this instilled with me, will never leave. Since then, I have dabbled in woodworking, 3D printing, computer coding, website building, home brewing, construction, aquaponics, gardening, and likely more. Through and through, I consider myself a maker and the lifelong learner.

I have always enjoyed learning. Because of this passion, and curiosity, I pursued the field of education. I knew there I could serve people and also help instill in them the passion for learning. With my secondary math degree, I started by teaching at a residential lockup facility for teenagers. I had learned during student teaching, that I liked working with the students that had a lot of spice, and hadn't traditionally been successful in school. That was the perfect place to start. I continued working as a math and special education teacher, and innovation coach, for the next 5 years. At that point, I started working in educational leadership. I am currently the Assistant Principal at West Education Center, working for Intermediate District 287. I love working with the unique and special students who walk through my doors each day.

As always, I am always looking for feedback on my work and myself. Please don't hesitate to reach out and connect.

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