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Youtube Adventures

One thing that gives me energy is working on projects and learning new things. I know it's a little different that what gives me energy is working on/learning something new. This past Winter I was in a little bit of a slump. I hadn't worked on any projects for a handful of months. Work was difficult and I needed something to give me some more drive again. I spend a fair amount of time youtubing new things and learning from others on the platform. I've been curious as to what it takes to be a contributor rather than solely a consumer. So what did I do, I started youtubing what it takes to be a youtuber! I even took a free class on SkillShare called "YouTube for Beginners - How to Start & Grow Your YouTube Channel"

I needed a first project to work on. I had been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligences and wanted to do my own learning. I learn best by doing, so I set myself on a course to make a kids book with assistance from AIs. I learned more about prompting and both Chat GPT and Midjourney.

I hope you enjoy my playlist of how I went on to create my own kids book and published it on Amazon! If you'd like to purchase the book here is the link on Amazon.

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