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Curriculum Planning and Development

  1. Implement coherent systems of culturally responsive curriculum, instruction, and assessment that promote the mission, vision, and core values of the district to embody high expectations for student learning and align with academic standards.

  2. Develop, assess and support teachers' and staff members' professional knowledge, skills, and practice through differentiated opportunities and emerging trends for learning and growth, guided by understanding professional and adult learning and development

  3. Apply research and best practices on integrating curriculum, technology, and relevant resources to help all learners achieve at high levels.

  4. Understand and assess the implementation of alternative instructional designs, curriculum, positive approaches to behavior management, and assessment accommodations and modifications as appropriate in all programs.

  5. Demonstrate the ability to use data from valid assessments that are consistent with knowledge of child learning and development and technical standards of measurement to monitor student progress

  6. Lead and assess instructional practice that is consistent with knowledge of child learning and development, effective pedagogy, and the needs of each student.

  7. Promote instructional practice that is consistent with knowledge of child learning and development, is intellectually challenging, is authentic to student experiences, recognizes student strengths, and is differentiated and personalized.

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Summer Academy Planning

  • Problem: Increasing credit attainment during Summer Academy during a pandemic.

  • Action: Met with ALC team to design online PBL.

  • Outcome: Teachers created self-paced, yet supported, PBL projects for students.

Organizing the Calendar

Workshop Week Calendar

  • Problem: Identifying what takes precedence for staff to perform during workshop week.

  • Action: Met with teams/coaches in advance. Created a 1-stop shop for workshop week.

  • Outcome: Staff could find and navigate an online PD week clearly.

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Coaching Logs

  • Problem: Need to coach new staff.

  • Action: Created a blended coaching structure and weekly 30-min coaching sessions.

  • Outcome: New staff have received 1:1 coaching from leadership, opening up communication.

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